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1309 North Highway 33 Driggs, ID 83422
(208) 354-2212


Congratulations on your new puppy!  At the Driggs Veterinary Clinic we recommend the following vaccination and wellness exam schedule for your new puppy:

  • 8-9 weeks—Thorough wellness exam, deworming with pyantel pamoate, and vaccination with a combination distemper vaccine including Parvo virus.
  • 11-12 weeks—Vaccination with Parvo and intranasal Bordetella (kennel cough), and repeat deworming if needed.
  • 14-15 weeks—Vaccination with Bordetella and the distemper combination.
  • 17-18 weeks—Vaccination with Parvo and a 1 year Rabies.

We have excellent success in disease prevention with this system and this will be all the vaccinations that your dog needs for a year.

There are other vaccinations available for those dogs that will be traveling to other parts of the country.  They include but are not limited to Lymes, Giardia and Rattlesnake vaccines. Please consult with us if you have plans to travel or move to different areas of North America.

If you are going to spay or neuter your dog we recommend that you do this at 6 months of age.  These surgeries are being done at much younger ages at different facilities but we feel strongly that your pet will have an easier time with anesthesia if they are older, and the recovery is often much smoother.


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